What is your way of getting high without drugs?

Alternatives to Drugs for Getting High
There is great news: You can get high without using any drugs at all. That’s right, there are plenty of highs in real life and you can stay clean. This is especially important for recovering addicts. Just try some different things suggested and see how you like it and otherwise, try another. Enjoy drug-free happiness!
Yoga is a bit more than just some physical postures. The practice opens up energy channels in the body. This leads to a feeling of calmness and peace which is unrivaled. It has been compared to a cannabis high, in the higher Yoga practices at least. There are plenty of teachers and classes available, as well as instructional videos.
Cardiovascular Exercise
Whether it is running, biking, martial arts, swimming, aerobics classes, dancing, or whatever cardio you are into, just totally get into it. Go for maximum workouts and you will feel on top of the world. Participate in competitions for a level of gratification that blows drug highs off the map.
Charity Work
Giving back to society and helping a charity cause you believe in has actually been clinically shown by brain scans to light up dopamine neurons… pleasure neurons. Participate in charities like food for the poor and needy. Work with kids at underprivileged pre-schools, or do whatever it is that gives you the satisfaction of truly helping others. It is considered the highest high.
There are many different types of meditation practices and you don’t have to belong to any special religion to practice them. You can easily find instruction at meditation and Yoga centers. There are also instructions online and even guided meditations on YouTube. You can try many and find a way that suits you. Eventually, you will fell calmer, happier, more relaxed, and generally satisfied with life. It is a good practice and lowers blood pressure while reducing stress.